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Meet the OwNerS

When Jennifer and Mark purchased the kennel in December of 2022 they felt blessed to have the opportunity to continue the vision that Mike and Linda created in 2015. They wanted to foster an environment where their employees love both the dogs and being there with us! They take this responsibility very seriously and do everything they can to make sure Come Sit and Stay will always be your first choice to take your beloved pets.

Jen and Mark have been together since 2021. They share 5 fantastic children and have 2 German Shepherds, Bear and Koda, who keep them on their toes.

Jen was born and raised in Central Ohio and has been around animals all her life. She has raised them, cared for them, rescued them and owning Come Sit and Stay kennel is her dream come true!


Mark is originally from Pennsylvania and ended up in Columbus when he moved to Ohio just before his sophomore year of high school. He spent eight years in the U.S. Marines and has been in and out of Columbus many times since. He also lived all over the country but loves this area a great deal. He works in the automotive industry, but you all will see him around the kennel from time to time helping out.

We know that when Linda and Mike started Come Sit and Stay, their vision was very clear: They wanted to give people a better choice than keeping their dogs cooped up in a kennel, just feeding and cleaning up after them. As a result, Come Sit and Stay was opened in November of 2015. I would say they certainly deserve credit for a mission accomplished! We also wish Linda and Mike a happy retirement in Florida and hope they enjoy many wonderful years in the Sunshine State!

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