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First Booking?

Every new pet comes in for an all day evaluation. Click HERE to get started!


  • Overnight boarding for 1 dog (final cost is determined by evaluation): $45 to $55

  • Dogs with behavior challenges: $50

    • Additional dog from same family: 10% off each

  • Half-day charge of $22.50 is applied when you drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon.


  • Drop off 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM pick up between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

  • Daycare: $30.00 per visit

  • Daycare with obedience enrichment: $50.00 per visit

  • Daycare packages: 10 visits for $290.00 or 20 visits for $580.00


​Training begins with a 30-minute evaluation with a trainer to discuss training and goals.


  • 7 DAYS: $1,800

    • Recall, Place, Sit, Door Manners, Loose Leash Walking, Impulse Control.

  • 14 DAYS: $2,500

    • Recall, Place, Sit, Heel, Down, Threshold Manners, Off Leash, Walking, and Impulse Control.​

    • All behavior will be worked around distractions.


    • 90 minutes.​

    • Each workshop will focus on common challenging behaviors, such as loose leash training, handling/desensitizing, stress/holidays like family dinners and Fourth of July, impulse control, counter surfing, door dashing, jumping, and much more!


    • Three 1-hour group sessions.

    • For new pets and young puppies.

    • These sessions will highlight and address aspects of building your relationship with your new family pet.


    • 90 minutes​

    • 15 mile limit


  • Baths – Pricing for a bath will be determined by the type of coat, size of dog, and temperament of the dog. Your dog is given a bath at the end of the day so they can play as long as they want. They usually go home a little damp since we only towel dry them.

    • Dogs under 60lbs with medium coat or less: $20

    • Dogs over 60lbs, with heavier coat, or those who don’t like baths: $30

  • Nail Trims: $15

  • Kennel Food: $5 per day

  • Enrichment Sessions

    • One on one play with your dog doing whatever they enjoy doing: $10

    • One on one obedience enrichment: $20

EARLY pickup and LATE drop-off
If you pick up early from your reservation, you will be charged for the full reservation. There will be a $5.00 fee for every 10 minutes you are late dropping off or picking up with a 5 minute grace period.
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